Makeover Show Exploits Fear of Aging
blog_fear_ofaging Considering how I make my living, I am shocked that I got totally sucked into watching “Extreme Makeover!”
Transformations are what I do everyday. I have spent more than 25 years standing eight or more hours a day in front of a mirror. Not to look at myself (although I do occaisionally take a peek) but to help my clients find their absolute best “look” while they are being seen by millions of viewers. As a Television Stylist my job is to make people look capable, smart, healthy and sometimes thinner, younger and more attractive.
Lets face it, (no pun intended) no matter how you feel about taking extreme measures to improve your appearance, it is painfully clear that some people got a set of genes that make it diffficult for them to feel comfortable with their appearance in this society which is obsessed with youth and beauty.

Fashion Faux Pas No One Will Tell You About
blog_fashion_fauxpas Have you ever made a hasty judgement of someone and then discovered later that you were wrong? How many times a week do people meet you and make wrong assumptions about you? Most of the time,  we reflect on the outside what is going on in the inside. Our appearance is chock-full of information for those around us.  Research tells us that in seconds, people have made assumptions about your economic status, education level, health, social status and believability. We all know that body language can sabotage your message but are you aware that your appearance can do the same thing?
Five Ways To Jump-Start Your Journey Back To Fabulous
blog_fashionfauxpas There is a whole generation of women who want to look great and don’t know where to start.
Some need an update, some a total revamp and some just need a few tips and inspiration.
Where do you turn? Who can you trust when everyone wants to sell you their products.
Women are tired of buying hope, they want results.
Well I’m here to help! I ‘ve got the facts on how you can look beautiful everyday when you look in the mirror. 
Makeup Tips/ Product Reviews
As a makeup artist and stylist I am constantly trying new products. With the thousands of possible choices it is not surprising that women seem to have the most difficulty when it comes to finding a foundation. Finding the right foundation is tricky because it needs to have the right consistency and coverage for each individual and it has to be the right color. The right foundation doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup but brightens and evens out your skin tone while diffusing fine lines. Read More...
10 Ways to Update Your Style
blog_updatestyle 1. Ditch the liner under the eye. As you age you don’t want to draw attention to the area under the eye (besides, a noticeable line under the eye is a very dated 80’s look) If you really need a little definition, use a brown powder with a brush to apply a very soft line at the base of the lashes with as slant brush.

2. Wear pants that are 1 – 3 inches below the navel (no low riders). Nothing says
“granny pants” more than pants that are too high in the waist area.

3. Re-evaluate your glasses. Are they THE most flattering frames for YOUR face? Go for the ones you love in spite of the costs. Remember, this is your face, the one part of you that everyone sees. Definitely get the non-glare coating. NO tint to the lenses–it just make the under eye area look darker. Consider taking a friend with you to try on frames, it is almost impossible to be objective with yourself.