“Kim has worked with most of our presidential, congressional and gubernatorial candidates. We have come to rely on her professionalism and unique ability to handle hair, makeup and wardrobe on the set.”


“Simply the best! With Kim on the set we never have to worry about our clients looking fabulous.”

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“Kim Foley’s airbrush techniques give her the ‘state of the art’ ability to transform individual talent, always bringing them to their personal best.”

Larry Blevins, Television Producer

“I had just lost a lot of weight and was transitioning from being a practicing lawyer to a full-time writer. This left me floundering as to how a woman my age and new profession should dress. With Kim’s expertise I have emerged as a confident, take-no-prisoners me.”

Shelly Gillion, Playwright and Scripwriter

“I didn't expect that at 56 years old I'd be job-hunting. My resume got me in the door, but I wasn't getting any offers. Reluctantly, I admitted that maybe I looked dated, frumpy. Kim suggested a good hair style and showed me how to apply discreet makeup. She even took me shopping and showed me what to wear. Not only did I get a good job offer, I had the confidence to negotiate a favorable salary. Bye-bye Aunt Bea. Hello Me!”

C. Andrews