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Kim Foley Profile, Bethesda Magazine

When public figures need to look their best, they turn to Kim Foley. For more than 25 years, as a professional stylist and makeup artist for film and television, Ms. Foley has worked with hundreds of high-profile clients, including Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, Jay Leno, Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Cokie Roberts—and the list goes on. She has worked for Meet the Press and 60 Minutes as well as productions for ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, MTV, and The Discovery Channel, and her feature film credits include GI Jane, Mars Attacks, and Minority Report.

With her understanding of the nuances of high-definition broadcasting, Ms. Foley has mastered a unique, specialized airbrush technique for her clients' television appearances. She has worked on hundreds of commercials as well as corporate and government films, teleconferences, and press conferences. She has extensive knowledge of the chemistry of cosmetics as well as skin and hair care products, and has developed numerous products for hair salons, department stores, and fitness centers.

In the 1980s Ms. Foley developed two groundbreaking corporate seminars, "The Credibility Factor" and "Professional Profiles for Women." Her seminars have helped hundreds of participants enhance their credibility by analyzing the images they project, and altering them. She has also taught verbal and non-verbal communication skills, time management, and long-term strategic career planning. Her seminar clients have included Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Rockwell International, and Nordstrom. Her new program for defense attorneys entitled “Credibility for the Courtroom,” was presented at the annual conference for the National Association of Criminals Defense Lawyers in October 2006.

For more than a decade, Ms. Foley has consulted with the Children's National Medical Center on the psychological impact of disfigurement. Her use of aesthetic makeup for rehabilitation has set new standards in helping children adjust to living with permanent disfigurement. For this work, she was cited in the book "Mega-Trends for Women" and featured in "Family Circle" magazine, and was presented with the "Women Who Make a Difference" award.

Ms. Foley was featured as one of the most fascinating people of 2006 in the November/December issue of Bethesda Magazine. Her podcast, Secrets of Style, has weekly fashion and beauty tips and is available by subscription on iTunes. Her DVD series, 10 Pounds Thinner, 10 Years Younger is available on Amazon.com.

For media inquiries contact kim@kimfoleystyle.com.